Human resources policy

Loðnuvinnslan is a well-established and leading company in the fisheries industry. The company has an excellent team of employees, most of whom are local residents. The goal of the company is to continuously engage in supporting the welfare, training and knowledge of its employees for the purpose of maintaining and strengthening performance and job satisfaction.

We ensure this by focusing on:
Ensuring employees join hands in constantly working on increasing safety, success and welfare
Ensuring job security and good results
Ensuring equality
Maintaining as good a balance between work and private life as possible
Ensuring employees show respect and politeness in communications

Safety and health issues:

  • All work-related accidents are unacceptable and preventable using the correct work procedures. The health of our employees is important, and everyone should be able to complete their working day safe and sound.
  • New employees are trained to use safe working practices before being allowed to work independently.
  • We constantly work on preventing and removing hazards in the working environment.
  • All Loðnuvinnslan units operate a safety committee. These meet a minimum of four times a year and review safety incidents and the status of improvement projects. Safety officers in each operating unit, together with supervisors, are responsible for the effectiveness of the work on improvements. The Loðnuvinnslan Safety Council and Safety Officer have overall management of safety issues and provide support and restraints.
  • We offer our employees regular health checks and subsidise physical training and health promotion.
  • Being under the influence of intoxicants during working hours is absolutely forbidden and a serious breach of safety rules. Employees who have addiction problems can obtain help to combat such problems. Employees can also obtain support to stop using tobacco.
  • Employees are encouraged to join together to constantly work on increasing safety, success and welfare.

Training and career development

  • Efforts are made to utilise the talents of employees and entrust them with suitable tasks, with the goal of ensuring that they grow and develop in their work.
  • Training needs are analysed on a regular basis and courses and training organised to meet such needs.
  • It is important that management guide employees and provide them with constructive feedback as regards their performance.
  • If the circumstances of the employee to perform their current work changes, efforts are made to find out whether other positions within the company are an alternate option.
  • Efforts are made to grant employees vacation time when they so request, provided that processing operations at each time so permit. Particular account is taken of request for vacation and flexibility in the event that family illness or other personal circumstances are involved.
  • It is a known fact that shift work and working at sea becomes more difficult for employees as they grow older. When an employee has reached the age of 62, his ability to continue in the same position is re-evaluated. If an employee wishes to reduce his workload or is unable to undertake the position due to health reasons, efforts shall be made to find another position within the company. On reaching the age of 67, an assessment is made as to whether retirement is in order or whether there are conditions for continued work for the company. This is assessed based on the nature of the position as well as the preferences, health and performance of the employee.

Communications and information

  • Loðnuvinnslan employees are to show respect and politeness in all communications. We do not tolerate victimisation and harassment, and such matters are firmly addressed.
  • All discrimination, such as on the basis of gender, origin, sexual orientation or other personal traits, is prohibited. Decisions on recruitment, wages and promotions are to be based on the competency requirements of the position in question, skills and experience of the person involved and/or collective wage agreements as appropriate.
  • Loðnuvinnslan aims to guarantee full equality between women and men, as regards both wages and opportunities within the company. Loðnuvinnslan intends to have independent equal pay assessments performed to prevent gender-based wage discrimination.
  • Staff meetings are held in all Loðnuvinnslan operating units on a quarterly basis to review the operation, safety issues and improvements.
  • We seek to utilise employee knowledge to identify and take the opportunity for improvements in operations, particularly for the purpose of increasing the safety of employees and the quality of our products.
  • Employees are to be informed in a timely manner of any changes that may affect them and are to be given the opportunity to submit comments to such changes. The company’s website always contains the latest news of the operation.

Job security and terms

  • We seek to ensure job security and the terms of employees as far as possible. Fisheries operation and processing is, by its nature, subject to certain uncertainties. In light of the strong position of Loðnuvinnslan, however, the company has been able to offer permanently employed employees secure positions and good annual incomes.
  • The aim is to ensure that employees enjoy good terms for fair work contribution and good performance.

In addition to the human resources policy, Loðnuvinnslan is bound by legislation and collective wage agreements. Further information on the performance of staff issues may be found on the website of Loðnuvinnslan,